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Why Your Writing Sucks delivers a results-based approach to writing, designed for the digital age. Sharp, short, succinct, and smile-inducing, it's the book every professional will learn a lot from, and recommend to others.  

Bah - grammatical perfectionism! 

Great article on why perfectionism in your grammar/spelling/writing is a sign of a deeper horribleness – highly recommended for females ... http://smartliving365.com/good-enough-done-better-perfect/

They and their is here to stay: gender-neutral pronouns

Enough of that awkward he or she! The swing to using they and their as gender-neutral pronouns is gaining momentum. It's easy, unclunky, and sensible. 


Funny, interactive article on passive voice


Gondola gondola

Urban planner Stephen Dale has proposed a simple economical plan to deal with Bloor-Yonge traffic congestion in Toronto, using gondolas to shuttle people between midtown and downtown. I can’t understand why nobody’s listening. This could be brilliant for a ton of other cities as well. Check out gondolaproject.com...


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