wyws: business writing for the digital age

Why Your Writing Sucks delivers a results-based approach to writing, designed for the digital age. Sharp, short, succinct, and smile-inducing, it's the book every professional will learn a lot from, and recommend to others.  

about marcia

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Marcia was a reader long before she was a writer. Every aspect of her fresh, direct approach to writing is based on optimizing the reader experience.

As a professional writer, she has helped her clients succeed in the business world since way back in the 20th century. Why Your Writing Sucks is the distillation of this experience. 

WYWS is:

  • An insider's guide to better writing at work
  • An invaluable aid to shaking the write-to-impress habit
  • A replacement of the grammar-based approach to writing with a powerful results-based approach. 

Marcia has an honours degree in history from Queen’s University and an M.B.A. from Ivey. She has three amazing grown children. Only a fence divides her home from her sports/community club in Toronto; she jumps it daily to play squash, tennis, and/or duplicate bridge. 

Copyright 2015 Marcia Ross.