wyws: business writing for the digital age

Why Your Writing Sucks delivers a results-based approach to writing, designed for the digital age. Sharp, short, succinct, and smile-inducing, it's the book every professional will learn a lot from, and recommend to others.  

Available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Kobo. 

Available on Amazon.comAmazon.ca and Kobo

Business writing for the digital age

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The way you were taught to write didn't prepare you for today's digital world.

Yet the old lessons stick. They make writing a painful task; they get in the way of better communication at work; they hurt productivity.

Why Your Writing Sucks (available on  Amazon.comAmazon.ca and Kobo) is an insightful, digital-age approach to writing for work. A new-age Strunk & White, it packs a world of actionable, common-sense tips into a concise, reader-friendly package.

Through the results-based tips and ideas in WYWS, business readers learn to dread writing less, compose more easily, and edit to better effect. 

What’s the standout quality of good writing at work?
Good writing is written for the reader. It delivers only what the reader needs, as clearly and concisely as possible. Bad writing is written for the writer.
Clarity, cogency, and reader engagement trump grade-school grammar in the day-to-day work of communicating with colleagues.

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Why your Writing Sucks is aimed squarely at adequate writers that could be good writers, and good writers that seek excellence.

The business and/or engineering students I graduate later find that the success of a contract or proposal or even their own advancement will depend on a piece of writing. Ross brings a number of clear rules to those efforts. Each part – overall effort, composition, organization, editing and audience – is met by a list of just a few techniques that give the largest increase in quality in a given time.

“Why your Writing Sucks…” is short, amusing and competitively priced. Those just coming into the business world, those looking to improve, and those looking for a quick refresher, will find this new book an easy, useful read.
— Philip Anderson, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
Think you’re a bad writer? Marcia’s book will help you. Think you’re a good writer? Marcia’s book will make you better. Think you’re a great writer? Marcia’s book is critical. No kidding. There are too many words floating around in memos, emails, reports. Nobody wants to read long prose in a work setting, no matter how well crafted they are. Get to the point! Marcia will get you there—-and you’ll get the outcome you’re looking for.
— Suzanne Tyson, Founder, Higher Ed Points


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